Why Complex Workouts Deliver Better Fitness Results

Time flies when there’s a lunging blade, roundhouse kick or tango dip around every corner.

For a recent U.S. News piece, I looked at why complex workouts deliver better fitness results than regular ol’ running and cycling.

Not only does a workout challenge keep us engaged, it continually enhances our ability to strategize, according to performance coach George Hanshaw — and this might be the clincher.

That growing prowess is addicting.

While it’s hard to reflect on a stair-stepper session with triumphant glee, there’s something about a perfectly-timed jab and hook that keeps us coming back for more.

(Or in my case, climbing a techy bouldering problem without falling off the rock — as a friend put it — like a “gangly calf.”)

For a mentally stimulating workout, try climbing, mixed martial arts or parkour. These are three sports guaranteed to prevent exercise boredom. Need more reasons to kill your treadmill?

For more, please visit the full post over at U.S. News Eat + Run blog

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