From My Interview with Felix Baumgartner’s Coach: Your Exercise Plateau Might be Mental

The world may have been watching Felix Baumgartner overcome his fears and plunge 120,000 feet through the sound barrier toward earth…

But chances are, almost no one is watching whether you ace your workout.

For my latest U.S. News piece, I talked “exercise hang-ups” with Michael Gervais, a licensed psychologist and expert in sports performance. As coach to top athletes including Baumgartner — the daredevil BASE jumper who jumped from the stratosphere in 2012 — Gervais is just the person to help us recognize and conquer limiting beliefs.

If you’re struggling to take your workout to the next level, the culprit could be performance anxiety, perfectionism, or egoism — the false belief that other people actually care about your gym gaffes. 

Full disclosure: I suffer from all three and this topic was inspired by my own nauseous terror of going to the climbing gym when there are more than two other people on the wall. So I’ll join you in taking Michael’s advice…

For more, please visit the full post over at U.S. News Eat + Run blog

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