Health Journalism

Prior to grad school, I was a health journalist. Below are some of my health and lifestyle pieces. Peer-reviewed research articles can be found here.


The Great Cardio Myth by Craig Ballantyne & Chelsea Ratcliff (my first book! Available on Amazon)

“Why Cardio Exercise Won’t Get You Slim, Strong, or Healthy – and the New High-Intensity Strength Training Program that Will”

How to Know If You’re Exercising Too Much (U.S. News slideshow)

Your Guide to Exercising Through the Ages (U.S. News eBook chapter)

P90X: Really the Best for Burning Fat and Building Muscle? (Yahoo)

Worst Workout Foods: What Not to Eat Before a Workout (U.S. News)

Best Workout Foods: What to Eat Before a Workout (U.S. News)

Surprising Gym Time-Wasters (U.S. News)

10 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much (U.S. News)

7 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Training for a Race (U.S. News)

How to Restart Your Workout Routine After a Break (U.S. News)

Mind-Body Workouts (Cover Mention, Community Magazine)

Wild Workouts: Try Aerial Yoga, Hooping or CrossFit (Community Magazine)


Three Signs Your Exercise Plateau is Mental (Business Insider)

For Better Body Results, Pick a Workout That Challenges Your Mind (U.S. News)

Four Things Women Should Be Doing in Their Fitness Training—But Aren’t (Yahoo!, U.S. News)

Need Fitness Motivation? There’s an Avatar for That (U.S. News)

5 Signs Your New Fitness Routine Won’t Last 6 Months (U.S. News)


Why Photos – Not Words – Count on Restaurant Menus (U.S. News)

How Health-Related Disclaimers are Fooling You (U.S. News)

Big Stores, Big Bellies? (U.S. News)

Is ‘Smellvertising’ Sabotaging Your Diet? (U.S. News)

Attack of the Bottomless Restaurant Soda (IdealShape)

Soda Drink Packaging That Actually Makes You Thirsty (IdealShape)

How We’re Defenseless Against Coca-Cola Ads (IdealShape)

Food Advertising to Children (IdealShape)

Food Package Design: 3 Ways It’s Fooling You (IdealShape)

Debunking Breakfast Cereal (IdealShape)


Does Exercise Distort Your Perception of Hunger? (U.S. News)

6 Warning Signs of a Bad Diet (U.S. News)

8 Ways to Stick to Your Diet While Friends Indulge (U.S. News)

10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel (U.S. News)

Why Does Healthy Food Taste So Nasty? (IdealShape)

Avoid Mindless Eating at the Dinner Table (IdealShape)

Why “Easing Off” of Food Cravings Might Make Them Worse (IdealShape)


Splendid Delis (Cover Story, Community Magazine)

Secret Garden Bistros (Cover Story, Community Magazine)

Healthy Buffets (Community Magazine)

15 Gift Ideas Under $50 for Fitness Buffs (U.S. News)

5 Cheap Alternatives to Hiring a Personal Trainer (U.S. News)

6 Fitness Splurges Worth the Money (U.S. News)

The Best Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks (Community Magazine)

Citizens on Guard: A Closer Look at the Convoy of Salt Lake’s Guardian Angels (Utah State Trooper)

Behind the Crime Lab Doors: An Inside Look at the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services (Utah State Trooper)

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