We Survived 2015…

Today, Herschel Supply Company sent me an email inviting me to reflect on the past year. Though I imagine they wanted me to reflect on their lookbooks of wistful models strolling beaches and buy another satchel, it instead reminded me that I wanted to post something here on the blog.

When College Hurts Our Health

Earlier this summer, I presented findings from a study about college students and exercise. In addition to having a fine excuse to visit Puerto Rico, it gave me a chance to talk about an issue that’s become important to me now that I’m back in the college environment.
The issue: that college seems to destroy people’s health.

Practice Makes Addict (The Secret to Regular Exercise?)

David McRaney is a curator of examples of irrational behavior. They’re almost always applicable to health habits, especially exercise—because few aspects of American life expose our irrationality quite like exercise.
We need to do it in order to survive. We don’t do it.

Do You Have a Fitness Identity?

I read an article the other day about how eating healthy is more important than exercising because you can’t “outrun a bad diet.” But I hate reading articles like this, because the truth is we need both, so it’s a stupid comparison in the first place.
You can’t out-exercise a bad diet, but no amount of healthy food will save you if you don’t move your body and maintain your muscle mass.

Women Ride Tour de France… for a Day?

One of the cool things about sports is that they’re a perfect arena for uncovering and challenging culturally imposed gender limitations.
Kathrine Switzer famously snuck into the 1967 Boston Marathon, registering under a man’s name, and became the first woman to run it.